The occupational health and safety management system AMS BAU

Nowadays, anyone who wants to stay competitive in the long term in the construction industry will need an effective health and safety management system. Especially small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) cannot afford the costs of losing working hours due to occupational injuries. More and more clients are already placing high demands on their contractors’ health and safety policies, too.

AMS BAU - focused on requirements of the construction industry

That is why BG BAU – the German Social Accident Insurance Institution for the building trade – has developed a cost-neutral management concept which helps its corporate members to set up and improve the occupational health and safety organisation in their company. AMS BAU – as it is called – is a practice-oriented management system which matches the requirements of the construction industry exactly. It takes account of specific conditions such as constantly changing workplaces, weather influences and special contractual agreements in the construction industry. Very often accidents are caused by a lack of work organisation. So, AMS BAU places the emphasis on healthy and safe workplaces.

Certificate valid for 3 years

Implementing AMS BAU is voluntary. After a successful assessment of the implementation within the company and on a building site, showing that organisation is in line with AMS BAU, companies gain a certificate valid for three years.

An English version of the certificate will be made available on request.